Financial protection

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    Personalised Escrow Account

    As an experienced provider of contract charter and blocks of hours, we are continually looking for ways to enhance our offering and improve our clients service level. We took the step to offer all our contracted customers the ability to deposit their funds into an Escrow Account held by Cater Allen and administered by Bond Dickinson. This pioneering step provides complete financial protection for our client’s funds.

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    A step ahead of the competition

    If you are a contracted client with another supplier, do they provide the Skytime level of financial protection or do they keep your cash in their current account? Some providers use a Client Account but this approach still leaves your funds accessible to them at any stage whether you are flying or not. If you are paying for flying several months in advance, which approach would you prefer? We think we know the answer.

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  • Partners

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    Cater Allen

    Cater Allen Private Bank has a long and respected history within the financial services industry dating all the way back to 1816, the year after the Battle of Waterloo. Founded and led through the 1800’s by the Cunliffe family during a period in Britain’s history when it established itself as the de facto centre of the world’s money and finance markets. The bank’s activities and expertise were developed from generation to generation in an era coupled with countless industrial and scientific advances.

  • Partners

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    Bond Dickinson

    Bond Dickinson is a leading national law firm providing expertise to many of the UK’s pre-eminent organisations and high net worth individuals. They are recognised nationally for their work in the chemicals and manufacturing, energy, financial institution, real estate, retail, transport and infrastructure and private wealth sectors, and for their approach to client service.