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Co-founder & Director

Kelly’s role is to ensure the day to day smooth running of everything at Skytime. With a keen eye for detail, and a desire to stay ahead of the competition, it’s Kelly’s enthusiasm that provides the fresh thinking in the team.

Having worked in the aviation industry since 1996, her experience across the key business divisions means she can turn her hand to anything, and add value to everything from Customer Service to Marketing.

At home, Kelly is mum to two young boys and likes to indulge her passion for cookery, wine and travel (combined wherever possible!).


Co-founder & Director

The Skytime approach can be largely attributed to James’ passion for providing the best possible service to clients at every stage of their travel experience. Working in the private aviation market since 2004, he thrives on negotiating competitive deals, as well as securing new clients and exploring exciting new sectors.

Proud of the experienced team that has been built at Skytime, James’ personable approach keeps the whole team motivated and constantly striving to be the best. Married to Kelly, James has two young sons, and hopes desperately that at least one of them will grow up to play rugby for England.


Aircraft Charter Consultant

The technical guru of the team, Owain is thoroughly immersed in the aviation world having worked in the industry since 2001. With a knack for retaining a vast amount of specification and technical information, he’s the ‘go-to’ guy in the office for any aircraft query.


With experience of both operational and client facing roles, Owain’s appreciation of both commercial and operational requirements mean he’s able to ensure Skytime clients’ needs are always met, and expectations exceeded.


When he’s not working, Owain loves spending time with his family, and impressing on his two sons the importance of Wales, rugby and Welsh rugby!


Aircraft Charter Consultant

David began his aviation career by flying small aircraft, and his love for flight has not waned to this day. His vast experience gained over more years than he cares to admit to means he is excellently placed to advise clients on their flight plans and requirements, having arranged private flights all over the world.

Having genuinely ‘been there and done that’, David’s tales involving exotic destinations and challenging logistical moments are legendary.

When he’s not entertaining his colleagues, David can be found on a bike or in a swimming pool. His partner Sarah and two children provide ample support when he’s training for the next triathlon.


Aircraft Charter Consultant

Ed’s aviation career began with a stint as a Charter Broker before he moved into Operations, becoming a CAA approved Operations Manager responsible for a large fleet of private jets.

After a foray into Search and Rescue for a world-renowned helicopter provider, he joined Skytime as the perfect complement to our knowledgeable team. Ed enjoys working with jet owners and pilots as part of our Aircraft Consultancy service that provides Skytime clients with a valuable resource.


We’re proud to retain a loyal team who are truly passionate about private aviation, delivering exceptional service through their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Taking a personal approach, we like to talk to our clients. We won’t simply select an option on your behalf, but take time to truly understand your needs and preferences, and guide you to the most suitable flight experience. Our team have worked in the industry for many years and can offer you unrivalled knowledge and insight whether you’re booking for the first time, or fly frequently.

We’ll liaise with you in a way that suits your needs whether that’s by telephone, email or instant messaging. Once we know where you need to be, we’ll suggest the most convenient routes as well as guiding and advising on suitable aircraft for your travel needs. We’ll also take care of every last detail from catering requests, to creating a memorable experience for a loved one. Trust our dedicated team to deliver exceptional service, going above and beyond your expectations.


For the ultimate experience in terms of convenience and flexibility, chartering an aircraft from Skytime can deliver you wherever you need to be, for leisure or business, in style and comfort.

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